Born in Rome the 22/02/1976 – Laura Pedata is an Architect and a researcher, her main interest lies in observation, analysis and representation of urban landscape conditions and environmental regeneration strategies. Her most recent design research initiatives are focused on residual landscapes in transitioning cities. In 2018 Laura earned her PhD degree at the “International Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning” IDAUP XXX cycle, University of Ferrara – POLIS University. Currently Laura is lecturer in Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Design at POLIS University in Tirana (AL). Laura holds a Master in Architecture from “La Sapienza” University, Rome and a Masters of Architecture II degree (M.Arch.II) from UCLA, Los Angeles. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2007 and was co-principal of the architecture office ‘ungroup’ until 2011. From 2009 to 2011 she was an Adjunct Professor in Landscape Architecture and Architecture at University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Rome, and from 2012 to 2013 she was employed by SOM in San Francisco as Architectural Professional – D Level.

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