::Tutor+Jury Member at the International Workshop “PRATI GROWS UP” – 20-24 June 2011 – University of Rome “La Sapienza”::

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International Conference / Workshop Municipio XVII Rome

Sponsored by:

DATA Department

Corso di Laurea quinquennale in Architettura UE – Laboratorio di Sintesi in progettazione Ambientale, Tecnologia dell’Architettura
Corso di laurea Magistrale in Architettura del paesaggio – Laboratorio di Progettazione Ambientale

Scientific Coordination: Salvatore Dierna, Alessandra Battisti, Firouz Galdo, Fabrizio Tucci.

Speakers: Salvatore Dierna, Alessandra Battisti, Marco Antonini (Studio LAND_Kipar), Nikos Fintikakis (UIA-ARES), Firouz Galdo, Enrico Nigris, Luca Ribichini, Fabrizio Tucci.

Thomas Herzog (Herzog und partner)
Marco Antonini (Studio LAND_Kipar)
Ersela Kripa e Stephen Mueller (AGENCY NY)
Nikos Fintikakis (UIA-ARES Atene)

Salvatore Dierna,
Alessandra Battisti,
Firouz Galdo,
Fabrizio Tucci,
Piero Albisinni,
Ersela Kripa e Stephen Mueller (AGENCY NY),
Rosario Marrocco,
Laura Pedata,
Valeria Cecafosso,
Silvia Cimini,
Filippo Iacomini,
Letizia Martinelli,
Rosanna Morleo,
Luca Mosconi,
Massimiliano Nico,
Elena Piperno,
Francesca Romano


Workshop Program

Modern need for climatic comfort and the implementation of technologies suitable for energy self production demands impose a wide perspective over the management of the existing building fabric, capable of facing the energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and bioclimatic comfort issues also on a social and economical medium/long period scale. The above consideration is capable of increasing the value of the efforts that collectivity invests not only in terms of expenses – in this regard it’s important to point out that currently these structures are highly ‘energyvore’ – but mostly as fundamental investments for a new action model aimed at managing an existing well established patrimony which is very large and complex at the same time. These investments take into account the binding demand for energy efficiency and valorisation of biophysical and bioclimatic aspects for the overall environmental sustainability of the system, as well as improvement in terms effectiveness of the operation and management of the above mentioned structures.

In light of these considerations the workshop – open to a group of students form the Environmental Design Synthesis Studio in the Five Year School of Architecture EU, Environmental Design Studio in the School of Landscape Architecture, the Architecture Technology course at “Sapienza” University – University of Rome, School of Architecture – intends to operate research and take actions in the XVII Rome Municipio territory, paying particular attention towards public buildings, spaces “in between” buildings, marginal areas and urban voids, with the objective of improving their bioclimatic performance in terms of summer heat loss and mitigating the ‘heat island’ and overheating phenomenon, thanks to a requalification project that applies passive cooling techniques, innovative materials and integrates vegetation.

Ultimate objective of the workshop is defining a series of best practices and design solutions replicable and adaptable to other similar situations present on the XVII Rome Municipio territory.

The workshop was articulated in three phases:

  • the first phase was characterized by a number of lectures given by instructors, public administration representatives and architects, which layed out the motivations of the workshop and the project sites investigating their anthropic, biophysical and bioclimatic characteristics;
  • the second phase was dedicated to site analysis activities such as site visits and interviews to local people operated by the students of the workshop;
  • the third and last phase consited in the production of design solutions for the environmental-energetic requalification of the urban area around Viale Mazzini, form Piazza Monte Grappa to Piazza Mazzini.



FIRST PRIZE – Project “Strariprati” – “Tadao Ando” Group – Students: Cristina Daminato, Lucia Fedi, Cesare Garavoglia, Margherita Gavazzi, Debora Mondella, Beatrice Zaccaria.



FIRST RUNNER UP – Project -  “SuperStudio” Group – Students: M. Baldassarri, A. Ciocchetti, F. Coletta, M. D’Onofrio, D. Morone, I. Moscarelli.



SECOND RUNNER UP – Project “Les VasesComuniquants” – Group “Libera”- Students: Maria Laura Ambrogi, Stefania Carta, Valeria Gatta, Marion Levoir, Marco Liorni, Elisa Leoncini, Fabiana Rossetti.